Frequently asked questions

How can I reach out for support?

If you already a client, please check the Hadbook also,  there are three easy and convenient ways to get help:
1. Email
2. Phone
3. Submit a ticket through support service.

What’s included in Emergency (or Red Flag) Support?

“Emergency (or Red Flag) Support” includes Internet down, server down, hackings  –anything that impacts the normal functioning of the business and affects revenue and financials.

What’s the process to get immediate (emergency) support?

Once a ticket is created, our Help Desk Manager analyzes the importance & technical details of the case.

We have multiple sites. How do we connect them all?

Each case is different and needs a custom solution. We will evaluate your current setup and come up with the most secure and streamlined solution to connect all branches of your company.

I want a new phone system, but I’m worried about migrating. How do you ensure we are not going to lose any calls?

Our team of professionals will work with you to create a plan that avoids any downtime and potential loss of phone calls during the migration process.

We are interested in your services, but we don’t know exactly what we need. How do you figure this out?

Our years of experience have given us the knowledge and intuition to pinpoint all the problems and black holes in your IT structure. On a quick call we will do a survey, and will discuss your short and long term goals.

How long do I wait for the response?

Usually within a few minutes – and of course you could check the handbook.

What happens if we need immediate assistance after hours?

IT is COMMODITY has technicians on-call at all times. There will always be someone ready to assist you.

I want custom solutions for my business. How does that work?

Sometimes, what you are looking for already exists. Tell us what you would like, and we will see if there are already existing solutions that match your needs.If there is nothing like that in place yet, our team of developers will work with you to build the most effective solution for your business.

Have more questions?

Reach us at or +1 224 302 0424

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